The Animal In Us

How would you feel if you were in a world dominated by animals?

How would you feel if an animal looked at you, and pulled a disgusted face just because it thought you were dirty?
Or if it kicked you because it thought you were a pest and too helpless to do anything anyway?

You wake up in the morning and douse yourself with your favorite perfume.
How would you feel if someone told you you smelled bad?

Imagine if you grew a tail.
Imagine someone pulling at it and laughing, trying to see if an extension of your spine would magically elongate. “It’s BONE, you moron. It’ll stay that way!”, you want to say.
But you can’t because you don’t get their language and they don’t get yours.
You want to throw a Biology book at their face, but you can’t.

Imagine going around hungry for days, only to be caught and maybe beaten for trying to get at leftovers that no one would’ve eaten anyway.
Today morning, you took your morning dump and wrinkled your nose when you smelt it, didn’t you?
A dog may have to eat that because he can’t get any other food.

Imagine loitering into a place you don’t know, only to have people around you screaming in fear, anger, indignation, disgust. Screaming at YOU.

You hate it when just your Mom screams at you. How about a whole room full of people doing the same?

Think about it the next time you’re repelled by a stray like people are repelled by bad breath.
Think before you remove that chappal and aim it at him with such perfection even Arjun would stare in wonder.
Think, and you’ll realize, you just might be behaving like an animal yourself.


3 thoughts on “The Animal In Us

  1. srirammani96 says:

    Ok this is nothing short of brilliant!! Probably the most creative article I’ve read in a long long time! Fantastic writing! Keep up the great work! How I wish I could write like you! Kudos!

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