The Contemporary Crow

So this is a contemporary take on the well known story The Thirsty Crow. I’m sure most of us must’ve read the story about the crow who put stones into a pitcher to bring up the water level. This is just another way of seeing it I guess ūüôā

There was a drought in the city
Everything ran dry
A thirsty black crow flew around
Feeling like he’d die.

Cursing things like global warming
For making the rains come in late
Hoping he’d find a puddle to sip from
Cursing his ill fate.

“Should’ve flown to Bangalore
With the rest of the flock”, he thought.
“It rains there even in the winter, apparently
There, there wouldn’t have been any drought.”

Looking around in vain
He spotted no puddle glisten on the road.
He thought of flying to Tansa lake
Where the water freely flowed.

“Nah, too far away” he thought
“Far too much work.
I have a better idea!
I shall find a human to irk.”

“They have water to drink.
And cook and wash and clean.
Maybe they’ll even splash me with some
My feathers are missing their sheen.”

He flew to the nearest house.
Perched upon the window sill
Gathered up some air and opened his mouth
Cawing loudly, going for the kill.

Nothing happened so he cawed some more
And then it happened, he smiled inside
“Honey, get rid of that annoying creature!”
A horrified voice cried.

“Oh no you don’t” thought the crow.
“You haven’t given me what I need.”
And so he kept at it, kept cawing
Kept making their ears bleed.

Finally a man came out
Looking as peeved as could be.
And waving his hands at him
“Stupid crow! Shoo! SHOOO!“, said he.

The crow wouldn’t budge.
He wouldn’t be moved.
The man yelled at him, shook the window
Booed, crowed, shooed.

“God should’ve never made a creature”
The man yelled, “As raucous as you!
Here, have some food, drink some water
Then go! Get a clue!”

The man put out a bowl of water outside
And a small piece of bread for the bird
Who quietly ate it all, even though
His pride was hurt by the man’s words.

When he was done, his strength restored
And he wasn’t feeling so very blue,
He thought, “Now I’ll give it back to him.
He said I was raucous and clueless too!‚ÄĚ

He opened up his wings, ready to fly
But just for a second, he held still
Balanced himself and then he dropped
A load of sticky crow shit on the windowsill.

Then took off as fast as he could
Laughing as he heard the man yell
All kinds of insults at himself
Telling all crows to go to hell.


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