When We’re Young

So this is a poem for all you people (cough cough, teenagers) who’ve misconstrued a crush or something such for love and spent endless hours thinking about that person, and thinking about ways to spend more time with that person, thinking about if he/she likes you back or not.
I have. Was an experience xD

He first day he saw her
She’d just walked into school
She flicked her fringe off her face
And had him staring like a fool.

She walked into his first class
Took a seat too far away.
When the teacher asked her her name
She smiled as bright as the day.

“I won’t tell you now,” She said
“You’ll just have to guess.
It isn’t that common, though.
I’m not a Nicole or Al or Jess.”

“I come from a place that isn’t here.
Though I like it here, it’s nice.
I like to confuse people like you all.
I crave a life full of spice.”

She didn’t realize how much spice she’d put
Into everyone else’s morning.
Twenty five gazes followed her back to her seat
None of them drowsy or yawning.

He saw there was something about her
Something making her glow.
He decided he’d talk to her at lunch.
He decided he’d get to know.

He went through the day monotonously,
Skipping a lecture to go out and smoke.
As he lit one and puffed at it,
A voice behind him spoke.

“It’s bad for health, you know.
That paper roll of nicotine.”
She said and stepped beside him,
“Plus you may get caught by Principal Dean.”

He smiled a little at her innocence
And beamed inside all over again.
“Dean’s not on his rounds right now.
He’s in his office with Miss Jane.”

He winked; at first she frowned
Not getting what he meant by that.
Then realization dawned
And she laughed as she sat.

“I’m Jack.” He said and extended his hand.
She eyed, it then raised an eyebrow and smiled.
“You’ll still have to guess my name,” She said
“But that was a good try, I’m beguiled.”

He laughed then agreed to guess,
And asked her for clues.
“It starts with the letter J
And contains a single ‘u’”

“Is it June?” He asked.
She smiled like she expected it.
“Nah, one guess up.” She said.
He made a funny face and said, “Ah, shit.”

“It’s Julie or Juliana!” He brightened
As he tried another time.
She shook her head again
Her giggle like a wind chime.

“It’s Jubilee.” She said
“Wouldn’t have guessed that, would you?”
He looked at her, in awe again.
“No. No,” he said. “That one’s pretty new.”

“I was born on my parent’s one year,” She said
“But still three months late.
So everyone knew how their wedding night was spent
They’ve even got proof till date.”

He burst out laughing, enjoying
Her face puckered in embarrassment.
“That’s two very cool people that
You’ve been gifted as parents.”

“Yeah, thanks, sarcastic asshole.”
The pretty girl rolled her eyes.
Then got up dusting her pants off
“Come, it’s lunch. I want coke with ice.”

And so the days went on
He got to know her well.
She sat next to him in class
To gaze at her he’d be compelled.

Throughout the year they were partners in crime,
Doing one crazy thing after another.
Their parents were called so many times,
He even got acquainted with her mother.

They once sneaked up behind a teacher,
And stuck a funny note to her back,
Which had people silently laughing all day
And congratulating her and Jack.

They let off a stink bomb in Mr. Ellis’ class
But sadly, they were caught.
They mentioned that his class stank anyway
His face with anger was wrought.

And so progressed the year
Together most of the time
She thought he was funny and cool,
To him, she was sublime.

To him she was captivating
A beautiful and rare, dream.
She seemed to light up at the smallest things
Her smile like a sunbeam.

When Prom approached he thought
He’d go ahead and ask her out.
He’d finally do it, even though
His mind swirled with hesitant doubt.

They met that day in school
The day it almost went downhill.
He bashfully asked her to Prom
She stopped talking, stood very still.

“You want to go with me to Prom?”
She asked, her eyes as wide as saucers,
As they stood talking before the lectures started
Beside their respective lockers.

“Yeah, I do like you, so how about it?
Will you come?” he replied.
The people passing gave them looks
The usual looks that pried.

“I don’t like you that way,” she said
Her voice so soft and sad.
It was almost like she was apologizing,
That didn’t suit her, he felt bad.

He felt like an idiot, a moron, a fool
And so much more than that.
Rejection hurt big time
He told himself he’d been a prat.

“Oh okay then, let’s go to class?”
He said, hoping it’d get better.
And started walking off dejected
She stared at him as he left her.

She felt so lonely in the halls
Now emptied of the kids,
Who were all sitting in class.
She felt so very stupid.

She could’ve tried to brush it off
Not make him feel so hurt.
But she knew there’s no easy way to say it-
She didn’t like him for all it was worth.

But he was such an amazing friend
One so loyal and rare.
So many people thought her mad and left her
This boy had only cared.

Cared so much for her, befriended her
When she was in need of a friend.
Helped her get through a school year
Helped her fit in and blend.

Suddenly it struck her, an idea
And lighting fast to class she ran.
Mumbling her apologies for being late
Slunk into her seat below the fan.

He looked at her and smiled
Like he did every single morning.
She appreciated it only now
Realization was dawning.

“Hey, listen,” she said as class started.
He turned to her with a questioning look.
“We still can go to Prom, you know.”
She said as she opened her book.

Now it was his turn to go still
And contort his face in confusion.
“Suddenly you like me back?” he asked.
Maybe it was just an illusion?

“Shut up, no I don’t,” she said
Smiling and rolling her eyes.
“But we can still go as friends,” she said
And his face showed surprise.

“You want to go as friends?” he asked
Just confirming what he’d heard.
“Yes, that’s how we are best matched-
As friends,” she concurred.

He thought about it for a minute
Had he just been carried away?
Had he just misconstrued closeness for a crush?
Had her good looks made him sway?

He too had his moment of clarity then
Maybe it was, he thought.
Maybe they were better matched as friends
Maybe that was their best shot.

“Fine, we’ll go as friends,” he smiled
“You’d be a horrible girlfriend anyway.”
“Excuse me?” she gasped and shoved him,
Their laughter happy and gay.

And even though they got detention
For misbehaving in class.
They knew their friendship was stronger now
Not breakable, like glass.

And they did end up going to Prom
In a matching tux and gown.
They danced, laughed and sang,
And then went to the after-party downtown.

Funnily, they even got crowned
As Prom King and Queen.
They gave their respective speeches
Everyone clapped, it was a happy scene.

They didn’t bother telling anyone
That they weren’t really together.
Because in truth they were, in a different way
Which no one would understand, ever.


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