Love In Ten Words

I was nominated by the amazing, make-you-feel-so-much-in-a-poem Keya Shah for the currently trending Love In Ten Sentences post ūüôā
Time for mentioning my favorite- The Little Insecurities, written by her, which is my favorite poem (yes, Keya, I know you’re probably getting tired of me fangirling over it :P)

So this is the trend and its rules-

-Title your post: Love in Ten Words
-Write ten sentences, 4 words per sentence, each having the word ‚Äėlove‚Äô in it.
-Pen down your favorite quote on love
-Nominate ten or so other blogs to do the same. (Mention the rules for them)

Here’s the poem ūüôā It was tough to fit in¬†for someone who’s used to being so talkative and articulate, but I hope it does justice.

“We’ll be friends for ever, won’t we, Piglet?”
“Even longer.”
-Winnie The Pooh *_*

Love is simple and sweet
Love makes pretenses none.
Love isn’t showering gifts
Love isn’t smothering someone.

Love’s that dependable friend,
Love’s a Rakhi tied.
Love’s a father steadfast,
Love’s Mom’s chicken- fried.
Love’s a brother’s protection,
Love’s tested and tried.

Now, I’m supposed to nominate about ten others, but I don’t exactly know ten people who have writing blogs, so I’ll nominate the few who haven’t already been nominated and would do it ūüôā

Sriram –¬†

Fahad- http://www.effywrites.blogspot,in

If anyone else reading this is interested, please do it and link it in the comments so I can read it too!
Go, guys, spread the love around ūüôā


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