She purrs and lets you scratch her ear
She rubs against your jeans
She has your milk and fish bones
And then licks her paws clean.

She picks a quiet corner then
And curls up to sleep
But beware, don’t disturb her!
The price may be steep.

Don’t think she’s your pet
At your beck and call
Don’t be surprised if there are days
When you don’t see her at all!

Don’t expect her to stay
They almost never do.
Don’t touch her when she’s mad
Or she’ll hiss and scratch you.

You may give her all your love
And bowls of milk with cream
Yet she’ll be unattached
A blow to your self esteem.

Cats are their own persons
She’s different in her way
She’ll cuddle to you on Day 1
Day 2, she may run away!

You’ll see a streak of black dash
Out your house and across the street
With a flick of her tail she’ll be off
Fleeing on her padded feet.

Then her bright green eyes
Will watch from afar
Daring you to come close
Twinkling like night stars.

Silently you’ll call, dejected,
Into the dark night
“Come here, kitty,” you’ll plead,
But Kitty’s already out of sight.


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