The Thoughts Of A Dog.

I’ll run and launch myself at you
When you’re home for the day
I know you don’t really mean it when
You scrunch up your face and say-
No, yell at me to get off you
Yell, “Down, boy, down!”
I’ll keep licking your face, I know
There’s a smile beneath that frown.

I know if I sit under the table
And make those puppy eyes
You’ll eventually toss me chicken
And maybe even some rice.
And though it tires me no end,
I know you do love to dance
To music, holding my front paws,
While I try to balance and prance.

I know that you don’t really mind,
It only gives mother such a fright,
If I jump on your bed to cuddle,
Ad sleep there through the night.
She thinks you may catch an infection
After all, I’m all germs and hair,
Maybe she’s right, but you put an arm
Around me, and doze off without a care.

Some of your friends don’t like me
One almost ran away
When I barked to welcome her home
I only wanted to play!
One thought I’d bite her hand off
And asked you to tie me up.
You laughed, pet my head and said
“He’s bitten no one since he was a pup.”

Every once in a while we sit out at night
Side by side, on the porch stairs,
While you talk to me of your joys and sorrows,
I offer you my paw, I care.
You tell me all the things
That no one else wants to hear
You tell me all your secrets
You know I won’t find them queer.

I know that you sneak ice cream
When you’re home alone
And I know who you stay up texting
All night from you phone.
I know you hate potatoes, because
With the chicken, they’re tossed to me
I know the tune of your favorite songs
You hum them whenever you’re free.

And as life will go on, i know
You’ll wander further away
You priorities may rearrange and change
You won’t have much time to play.
But I’ll always be by your side
That’s what I was meant to do
When you’re lost on the road, turn, you’ll see
Your best friend never left you.


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