An Ode To The Saree

I’m SO sorry I’ve been MIA for this long. I had my University finals (you know, the time of the year that students who haven’t read throughout the year always dread?).


A few months back, we had Indian Traditional Day in college. To all you people who think students in Medicine and Allied Health Science Courses do not enjoy life.. *sticks tongue out*
I’ve always loved saris, couldn’t wait till I got to wear one myself. As I saw all my friends and seniors sashaying around in a myriad of colours, the poet in me was brought out. This was the result.


So beautifully she’ll drape
Colorful and bright
Encompassing all flaws
Fitting just right

Hiding what’s meant to stay hidden
Yet making everyone want to see
What stays hidden
Behind that saree

Six yards of sheer elegance
Around and around she flows
Tucked in snug then over the shoulder
Like a river on its course she goes

Everyone stops and stares
As she goes by
The world compliments her
She just smiles, so very shy.

And then she stops and twirls
Her glory she unfurls
In pink, blue and green swirls.

And breaths are held
And hearts swell
And everyone dwells
For that one moment
On that one beautiful girl.

Who’s so beautifully draped
Colorful and bright
Without any flaws
The most beautiful sight.


9 thoughts on “An Ode To The Saree

  1. mahagha says:

    Love the poem! Oh, how I wish I had worn a saree! When I was graduating from college, all the girls in my class wore sarees to the farewell party. However, my family didn’t let me, saying only married girls wear them. I was so sad! The funny thing nowis that my little cousins are all grown up and they wore sarees to their farewell parties. Even my own little sister! So, now, my nani and dadi and chachis don’t have any problem with unmarried girls wearing sarees! Broke my heart!

    • Hera says:

      That’s really sad! 😦 Did you get a chance to wear one afterwards?
      In my community, girls generally have a saree wearing ceremony when they wear the saree officially for the first time. I remember praying to god that one of my cousins would get married soon so that I’d have an excuse to wear a saree :’)

      • mahagha says:

        Awww. No, I didn’t get to. Though a friend got married recently, and I wanted to wear a saree, but then my mom had to go out of the country and so I was stuck wearing my gharara. It wasn’t so bad, though, because I love lehngas and ghararas a lot! and I was the only one in the entire wedding hall who wore a gharara and I felt like a princess! ^_^

        Oh wow, cool ceremony! Where do you live? I wish we had this ceremony here, too, in Pakistan! Hahaha 😀

        I’m single, at the moment. But if I get engaged, or if any of my other friends get married, I’m soooo wearing a saree! *_* 😛

      • Hera says:

        I find all the traditionals we wear beautiful! From kurtis to lehengas to ghagras and ghararas. There’s something elegant and feminine about them 🙂 Hahah that feeling is the best, isn’t it? Standing out in a good way 😀
        Haha, I live in India, I’m Parsi.
        Of course! I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in it 😀

      • mahagha says:

        Yes, exactly! Even though I’m not fond of shalwar kameez/ kurta shalwar because it’s my daily wear, but with the right stitching and design, it looks super classy! The formal wear is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE ghagras and lehngas and ghararas. They’re super pretty and so elegant! Absolute love <3. Very feminine! Even the goras love them! Which reminds me of my cousin's roommate at UCLA. She was so much in love with my cousin's traditional clothing, that she had my Chaachi make a ghagra for her too! 😀 And this time, she's ordered a saari. 😀

        Oh, cool. 🙂 Btw, isn't it crazy hot these days? 😦 I hate the hot weather. I wish I can forever move to Switzerland, and live in the snow. Haha.

        Awww, thank youuuu ❤

      • Hera says:

        In our college too, we have compulsory churidar kurti on some days, but sometimes I end up wearing them even on days it’s not necessary, or I wear jeans and a kurti becauseI’m just habituated and like it now 😀
        She must love it! 😀 But does she get the chance to wear them there in LA?
        It’s not that hot here, because it’s rained. In fact my college, that’s out of proper city limits and has a lot of green cover is almost cool! But yes, Switzerland is a tempting option. Like Heidi, live in the Alps 😀
        Welcome! 🙂

      • mahagha says:

        Oh, wow. Churidar in college? Do you have uniforms? Throughout school and college, we, the girls, had to wear shalwars. I love churidars but they’re so uncomfortable, so I only wear them on Eid or sometimes in weddings.

        I wear kurti and jeans, too, but these days jeans are really uncomfy because of the intense heat. :/ So I just stay in my PJs all day long. 😛

        Oh yes! There was this formal dinner at their university for desis (I think it was for Eid) and my cousin got to wear her traditional outfits then. And her roommate also tagged along just so she could wear her fancy ghagra 😛

        Oh, wow. I’m so jealous! Karachi is boiling! 1000 deaths in just 6 days! 😮 We should all just move to Switzerland. *_*

      • Hera says:

        Nope, no uniforms, but certain departments insist on no jeans (i have NO idea why, apparently they’re too casual😂) so most of us stick to churidars and kameez!
        Oh wait no i dont wear the actual churidar. Here we get leggings which look like churidars. Cotton and stretchable and they’re so comfy i could live and die in them!
        Bombay got back to boiling now .-.
        Haha I wish XD there could be eternal winter man

      • mahagha says:

        Oh wow! That’s so wonderful! We all had uniforms throughout school and colleges. The only schools that do not have uniforms are the American schools here.

        Ohhh you mean tights? Oh we have them too! And yesssss. They’re super comfy!

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