The Awake and Unafraid

So recently, a friend of mine started a joint blog with a friend of his. Overcome with friendship and happy emotion that another person I know decided to write and let their ideas flow freely, I’m doing this thing where I ask y’all to go check their blog out ūüôā

I do realize that their blog may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s not meant to be. But if you do go see this, thank you ūüėÄ


Alright so welcome to this weird blog we decided to start. I say ‚Äėwe‚Äô because this is a joint blog ( joint huh? DON‚ÄôT DO DRUGS). We‚Äôre not gonna state our real names for some reason so you can call me Chandler and my partner would like to be called Joey, even though she‚Äôs a chick.So about us, we‚Äôre just two people who like to think we‚Äôre different than others, we quote a lot of songs and tv shows ( Game of thrones) mid conversation and will probably be doing it in this blog too. We‚Äôre huge My Chemical Romance fans, Duh! I don‚Äôt know if I should say this where everyone can read it but if you ever see a guy looking like Wolverine, thats me. Anyways, we started this blog because we have hope and we keep saying Darkness is our only hope. So anyone who is going‚Ķ

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