Happy Anniversary To Me

So WordPress reminded me that it’s the Wind Girl’s 2 year anniversary today. And the first thought that came to my mind was- Is it funny that I decided to set up a blog just after April Fool’s Day?

Well, I’ve always been one to joke. 

To all those who’ve stuck by those two years, hoping that The Wind Girl just miiight upload something sublimely cool, thank you, Works In Progress. T0 all those who think this post is sublimely cool, thank you. And to everyone who’s in doubt after reading this, have faith. I do in myself. One day I will pick up on this blog. There will come a day when I won’t think twice before uploading something, or not upload for a month and then apologize profusely before uploading one thing and then again not uploading for another two months.

Anyway, my point is, thank you for sticking around. Happy Anniversary to all of us!

*Chal yaar ab Vodka ki bottle khol yeh Champagne Vampagne toh 1st anniversary ka bakwaas tha*


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