The Liebster Award :D

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Keya ( THANK YOU KEYUUUU ūüėÄ

I don’t know why, even as a kid (not that I’m any less of a kid even¬†now) I’ve loved asking and answering questions, unless they’re dumb. Now it’s GK that if Keya’s the one asking they’re not going to be dumb questions, haha XD

Thank you, for nominating me though I took an obscenely long amount of time to get down to it.


The rules for this award are:

1. Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
2. Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
4. Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.
5. Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make ten questions of your own for your nominees.
6. Lastly, copy these rules in the post.

I was asked-
1) If you had a chance for a ‚Äúdo-over‚ÄĚ in life, what would you do differently?

As much as I try to never ever regret anything, I do have a few. If given a second chance, I’d study harder for my MHCET, or I’d give it a second shot, for starters. I’d get back to athletics. Yep, that’s about the only two major regrets I have ūüôā
2) What purpose did you have in mind when you first started your blog?

I wanted people to read my writing and smile. I love making people laugh, and express themselves. Any writing I do is mainly to make people feel better, feel happy, feel good- not just about themselves, but just about anything at all!
3) Who has been a guiding light for you in your life?

Mom. Although she does have her slight faults, she’s the strongest woman I know, has her morals straight in order, and never holds back on saying what she thinks. It takes a lot of guts to be so articulate and on point.
4) What genre of music and movies do you prefer?

Music, oh my god xD I’d call it the Hera genre- it’s the kind of music Hera listens to and immediately loves it, and it’s very varied. There have been instances when people have said “Oh, if you like¬†that¬†song, you’ll definitely like this one.” And I’ve hated the song they’ve recommended after saying so. But I know what I don’t like- very slow, soft songs, death metal, Eminem (though Stan and Love The Way You Lie are nice. See what I mean?), too much rap, and too much bass. Funnily enough, I also find trance a little boring. I do like Jal, Euphoria, Amit Trivedi, Bilal Khan, The Local Train, The Beatles, Imagine Dragons, Train, and some of Coke Studio’s songs.
Movies wise, intelligent comedy- be it rom coms, or just simple funny situations, as long as it’s¬†not stupid or¬†forced. I also do gravitate towards sci-fi, and stories based on real life, and I absolutely love “feel good” movies. I can’t sit through stuff like ‘Requiem For A Dream’ (no offense, I know it’s a classic by some measures, but too depressing).
5) What are you studying or where are you working currently?

I’m studying dentistry at the moment, I’ll go to second year now ūüôā
6) How would you describe the word ‚Äėfriendship‚Äô?

A lot of people say the best friendships are¬†where you can not talk for ages and then start talking like it’s the easiest thing. For some reason, I don’t relate to that, because if you genuinely care about someone, you’d always stay in touch.
To me, friendship is something that just happens- you can choose your friends, to some extent, but unless it “happens”, the friendship won’t last. It’s an amalgamation of care, a lot of trust, respect, loyalty, communication, and understanding, and it takes time for a good, strong one to form.
7) Describe your personality using three words.

Bright, cutting, and impulsive.
8) If you could wake up tomorrow as somebody else, whom would you pick and what would you do?

If I could wake up tomorrow as anyone at all, I’d pick to be the character Ranbir Kapoor played in Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani. As filmy as it sounds, I’d love to have the opportunity to be able to travel the world filming it, and the very basic trait that his character has, of going after his dreams and not bothering about anything else, but yet coming back to fix it, is something I admire in a way.
9) Share your thoughts about me or my blog

I’ve known you since school. Initially, to me, you were the brilliant genius who topped every set of exams, ever year. Who people said had a photographic memory, who people said had the best chance at head girl, and, to some slight extent, who people were a little unconsciously intimidated by. And yes, who loved chocolate. It was only later when we all became office bearers and started going for competitions that I got to know you, and I realized the¬†chocolate part was so, so true. I’ll always remember the time when I sat next to you at Pratima Aunty’s and you took out a chocolate to munch during her test and wouldn’t share. ¬†I’ve always looked up to you for your intelligence and frank nature, and the effortless way you seem to get things done. You’re memorable ūüôā
10) If you could pick one book to be your favorite, which one would it be?

I wouldn’t be able to ūüėõ
I’d say all the Harry Potters, Eleanor and Park, The Princess Diaries, Two States, Paper Towns, and the Windmills of the Gods.

Now for the nominees.






Write To Write



Joey And Chandler ūüôā



My questions to you guys are-
1. To conjure up a Patronus charm, you have to think about your happiest memory. If you had to think of one, which would your happiest memory be?
2. If you could do one thing in the future, what would it be?
3. Your idea of a perfect book. What or who all will it have in it? What would it be about?
4. The one thing you’d do in your free time.
5. Your happy place. Where is the one place that you’d felt the best, or what is the one thing that you do¬†there that makes¬†you feel so?
6. If you had the chance to change one thing about yourself right now, what would it be?
7. Your most embarrassing moment
8. What is that one thing you desire which money cannot buy?
9. Which is your favorite dish, or favorite food?
10. Looks, power, money, family, friends, love, and respect. What is the order of your priorities?

Look forward to hearing from y’all ūüėÄ


The Creative Bloggers Award!

Thank you Devika, (Paradoxical Retrospection, for nominating me for the Creative Bloggers Award. Only an avid writer and someone as easily excitable as me would understand my joy when their work is appreciated like that ūüėÄ

Here are the rules of The Creative Blogger Awards –

1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs

2. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you

3. Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers

4. Pass these rules on to them

So, 5 facts about me are-

1. I’m very impulsive. There’s been a lot of times when I’ve just blurted something out and then realized “Oh, damn that wasn’t supposed to be said.”

2. For someone who’s impulsive, I’m also diffident ūüėõ It’s complicated, but I take time to get used to new people and places.


4. I’m studying dentistry.

5. I love bright colors and wearing different clothes.

As for the nominations, I nominate anyone and everyone who’s come across this post! WordPress has so many truly creative blogs that I may not even know of, so if you read this and want to tell the world 5 things about you, go right ahead! Do tag my blog in the comments so I can read them too ūüėÄ

The Top Ten Creative Bloggers :)

I was nominated for the Top Ten Creative Bloggers Award, by the amazing Keya Shah ( Coming from someone who I’ve known so long and who still thinks I’m good enough to make it to the Top Ten of her list (she herself is phenomenal with words) is flattery in its purest form ūüôā

Thank you, Keya ūüėÄ

Here are the rules –

This award is accompanied by a few rules :
1. Nominate other blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs.
2. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you.
3. Share five facts about yourself to your readers.
4. Pass these rules on to them.

And here are the facts about myself, which not all too many people know.

1. I love cooking. Maybe this stems from my unparalleled love for food, but I can cook¬†most stuff, pasta and biscuit cake being my specials ūüėČ

2. I love animals. I wanted to marry my cat once upon a time. He was such a fine specimen, really.
But being serious, I love them because they show you exactly what they feel. Granted, we cannot understand them, but they still show us what they feel. And dogs? Dogs are amazing. Dogs are loyal and loving and everything you need in a friend. And they don’t even talk.

3. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to do many things at the same time. Maybe it’s because I’m easily bored. I’ve wanted to be a chef, a fashion designer, a pilot, an airhostess, a veterinarian, a dentist, an athlete, a lawyer, and an IAS officer, not in the same specific order.

4. I’m a national level athlete, and that’s a fact that shocks anyone who looks at me because I’m also chubby ūüėõ I missed my chance at internationals because I fractured my foot a month before.

5. I laugh very loudly, and distinctively, and¬†am generally known as a happy person who’s always joking around and cracking up everyone. Sometimes that works against me (hello, all my past teachers.)

Now, for the nominations!

Yusra Gulab Jamman,


Sriram Mani,


Osama Sameer,

Shubham Morarka,

Love In Ten Words

I was nominated by the amazing, make-you-feel-so-much-in-a-poem Keya Shah for the currently trending Love In Ten Sentences post ūüôā
Time for mentioning my favorite- The Little Insecurities, written by her, which is my favorite poem (yes, Keya, I know you’re probably getting tired of me fangirling over it :P)

So this is the trend and its rules-

-Title your post: Love in Ten Words
-Write ten sentences, 4 words per sentence, each having the word ‚Äėlove‚Äô in it.
-Pen down your favorite quote on love
-Nominate ten or so other blogs to do the same. (Mention the rules for them)

Here’s the poem ūüôā It was tough to fit in¬†for someone who’s used to being so talkative and articulate, but I hope it does justice.

“We’ll be friends for ever, won’t we, Piglet?”
“Even longer.”
-Winnie The Pooh *_*

Love is simple and sweet
Love makes pretenses none.
Love isn’t showering gifts
Love isn’t smothering someone.

Love’s that dependable friend,
Love’s a Rakhi tied.
Love’s a father steadfast,
Love’s Mom’s chicken- fried.
Love’s a brother’s protection,
Love’s tested and tried.

Now, I’m supposed to nominate about ten others, but I don’t exactly know ten people who have writing blogs, so I’ll nominate the few who haven’t already been nominated and would do it ūüôā

Sriram –¬†

Fahad- http://www.effywrites.blogspot,in

If anyone else reading this is interested, please do it and link it in the comments so I can read it too!
Go, guys, spread the love around ūüôā