Happy Anniversary To Me

So WordPress reminded me that it’s the Wind Girl’s 2 year anniversary today. And the first thought that came to my mind was- Is it funny that I decided to set up a blog just after April Fool’s Day?

Well, I’ve always been one to joke. 

To all those who’ve stuck by those two years, hoping that The Wind Girl just miiight upload something sublimely cool, thank you, Works In Progress. T0 all those who think this post is sublimely cool, thank you. And to everyone who’s in doubt after reading this, have faith. I do in myself. One day I will pick up on this blog. There will come a day when I won’t think twice before uploading something, or not upload for a month and then apologize profusely before uploading one thing and then again not uploading for another two months.

Anyway, my point is, thank you for sticking around. Happy Anniversary to all of us!

*Chal yaar ab Vodka ki bottle khol yeh Champagne Vampagne toh 1st anniversary ka bakwaas tha*


Benjamin Barton, Who Wanted To Fly

One early morning at breakfast
While eating his eggs and bagel
Benjamin Barton had a brainwave
Making him sound mentally unstable.


“I want to fly,” he said-
With a manic shine in his eye.
”I’ll fly one day, I’m telling you!
High up into the sky.”


His stepmother just banged the pan
In perpetual annoyance, her twisted mouth spoke-
”Oh yes, I’d fly away too- just your dad and I
And you’d be a lonely bloke.”


“Now, quick or you’ll be late to school,”
She hurried him along
But Benjamin’s eyes never left the skies
His resolve ever so strong.


One day at school, Miss Lopez asked
What they’d wanted to do after school.
Some said, “College”, some wanted to be doctors
”I will fly,” said Benjie, nonchalant and cool.


For a minute, a silence so deathly ensued,
Miss Lopez smiled, “No one has done that yet.”
”It can’t be done!” laughed Diana John, “Especially you-
You’d fall facedown, I bet!”


“Have you seen the pudge all around you?”
She smirked, “You couldn’t even lift off.”
Benjie felt goosebumps, tears stung his eyes
As his classmates laughed and scoffed.


But right then the funniest thing happened-
Inside Benjie, something sparked.
Something ignited, and burned right through
”Oh shut up you idiots!” he barked.


A second deathly silence ensued
”I will fly, you can’t tell me I cannot!
will fly one day, you’ll see!”
By now, his ears felt red hot.


Suddenly he started to swell
And as everyone watched, astound.
Benjamin Barton swelled some more
And lifted off the ground!


He bumped his head against the ceiling
As everyone just continued to stare
Finally he managed to manouver
And then disappeared out, into thin air!


You could hear his scream of triumph
Echo down the hallway
As he flew across the lawn
Passing the school children at play.


Benjamin Barton was never seen again
God alone knows where he went
But just last week, we heard reports
Of a large object flying over Trent.



And then, there’s this side of the City of Dreams.

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The cock crows. Jassi awakens. The alarm rings, Simi arises. Without either spouse, they sleep alone at night. His is no more, her’s abroad. Away is away, whether permanently or temporarily, right?

He gets the sigri going to make himself some chai. She beckons the maid for her morning cuppa. He hitches his lungi and trudges to the milk booth for a plastic mug-full of the wholesome white stuff, while on the other side of the tracks, she changes into her Reeboks for her morning walk. Breakfast for him is poha, for her, pancakes.

At eight o’clock, with the city ready to rock, he nestles one child under his arm, takes the other by the hand and places them on the charpoy outside his hovel. He lights a bidi and watches the trains carrying commuters to work. The start of an arduous day. She summons her chauffeur, “upar aao, gaadi…

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I’m reblogging this, not just because it’s funny (which it really is) but because what’s written hit home base with me, and is actually true with so many people I see, even with me to a certain extent. We don’t need to belong, and we don’t need to always have an opinion.
Really good writing 🙂

Blog Kya Kahengey

If you’ve ever read a newspaper, you know, that bundle of paper which your mom lays on the shelves of your cupboard, you’ll find that it consists of only 20% content which actually matters to you. The rest is just vague information that’s as irrelevant as my affection for Maggie Top Ramen.Facebook Newsfeeds are something along those lines.
When I joined Facebook way back in 201JustHitPuberty, it was all about messaging each other and creating Facebook Pages like “Friends 4EVA n evaaa….”, and forcefully adding your friends to it. It was a simple means of communication and stalking profiles of people who ordinarily wouldn’t touch you with a 10m pole. Nd if I typd a sntnce lik dis 1, nobody would actually crawl into my arse and make it their life’s goal to ensure I use all the required letters. (Admit it, your face twitches when you c a sntnce…

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